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Cinchona Gardens


The recommend tour leaves Forres Park at around 9.00am, Accessed only by a four-wheel drive vehicle and more safely reached by abandoning the vehicle on the main road and taking a steep hike, at a leisurely pace. you will leave the vehicle and start your hike by about 10am. The climb often takes you into the clouds and through amazing vistas and changing flora.

On arrival, take a breath and a look through the mist to see the view of the Yallahs valley below and the continuing Blue Mountain range to the North. Cinchona is one of the most spectacular Botanical Gardens in the World.

Soak up the surroundings and see some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in Jamaica. This over 200-year-old botanical gardens have awesome views of the Blue and John Crow Mountains. Come and lose yourself in the misty peacefulness.