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Governor’s Bench

Visit Governor’s Bench which was a famous look-out spot for former Governors back in the days of the British rule. See spectacular views of Kingston and surrounding areas. Enjoy a truly amazing sunset then return to Forres Park as the city below lights up, and darkness falls in the mountains

Abbey Green

Abbey Green is ideal for Birding and is one of the main areas for birding. The birds, coffee and natural forest are all part of their environment and there is no better place to see birds, especially the shyer woodland species such as the Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo, Rufous-Throated Solitaire and Crested Quail Dove - the calls of the Solitaire and Crested Quail Dove are essential parts of the uniqueness of Abbey Green. Here too, you are likely to see the most exclusive of all Jamaican birds - the Jamaican Blackbird (Wild Pine Sergeant) to give its colloquial name (it feeds exclusively on the insect population of bromeliads attached to large old forest trees - Wild Pines in local parlance.


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Tower Hill Lookout


A visit to Tower Hill Lookout is well worth the drive or walk. An hour’s walk from Forres Park above the coffee factory takes you to a vantage point, where you can see the country villages you just left, and others stretched across the valleys below you.

On your way back you may stop for a beer or soda at a local bar or you may continue, preferably with a guide to find other hidden villages just around the corner.

Sugar Processing

Because of the important place of sugar in Jamaica's history, Jamaicans traditionally grew and processed King Sugar, even in our remote hills. They often stopped short of refining it fully but produced a sweet, delicious mix called Wet Sugar. The process is still done today with equipment and methods handed down through the centuries; though the donkeys which provide the 'Horse Power' are of course from the modern generation. A demonstration and a taste can sometimes be arranged with adequate warning, especially if a group can be mustered to share the price.

The Blue Mountain Peak

Jamaica trekking and mountain peak tours are one of the main attractions at Forres Park, come prepared with sneakers and warm clothes, and let Forres Park experienced guides take you up the 6-mile trail to the peak from Abbey Green Coffee Farm.

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