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Birdwatching at Abbey Green

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Birdwatching at Abbey Green

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Leaving Forres Park just before daybreak, drive through the river and upwards along trails at 5,000 feet to the 220-year-old Abbey Green. The highest coffee farm in Jamaica. The Radnor Trail offers superb scenery providing excellent birding. Abbey Green itself is even more spectacular. The mountain paths are ideal for a Jamaica bird watching tour with experienced guides from Birdlife Jamaica and other professional birdwatchers to locate the 28 endemic species and many more of the 200 other Caribbean residents and migrant species. The drive from Forres Park to Abbey Green passes through spectacular countryside for about an hour before arriving at a place of breathtaking beauty. To greet dawn and see the spectacular sun rise and to hear the choruses from the birds’ one would have to pitch tent for the night.

Abbey Green is one of 5 coffee farms Owned by the Lyn's, which at 5,000 feet elevation is the highest in Jamaica, sitting right under Blue Mountain Peak. Coffee has been growing at Abbey Green for 200 years and fits naturally into the surrounding forest.

Abbey Green is the ideal location for Birding. Birds, the coffee trees and natural forest are all an integral part of the environment. There are few better place to see Jamaican birds, especially the shyer woodland species such as the Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo, Rufous-Throated Solitaire and Crested Quail Dove - the calls of the Solitaire and Crested Quail Dove are essential parts of the uniqueness of Abbey Green. Here too, you are likely to see the rarest of all Jamaican endemic birds - the Jamaican Blackbird. The Wild Pine Sergeant to give its colloquial name, feeds exclusively on the insect population of bromeliads attached to large old forest trees - Wild Pines in local parlance.

The species mentioned above are often seen in the less public areas such as Nursery and Turpin Path.